Born in 1943. Second son of Judge Abdülgani Seyithanoğlu, among his 4 sons. Started primary school in 1950 at İzmir Karşıyaka and graduated primary school in 1955 at Kahramanmaraş. After graduating from Kırşehir High School in 1961, attended to Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering for 4 years and in the meantime also attended to Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science for 1 year. Eventually, attended to Ankara University Faculty of Law in 1968 and graduated from there in 1972 with a degree of “good” and was placed as third. Completed his internship at Ankara Bar Association and started practicing as attorney at law as a member of Ankara Bar Association on 13.09.1973, under registry no. of 5101.  Therefore, he has been practicing as attorney at law under Ankara Bar Association uninterruptedly for more than 40 years.  He is very well-known for his many important and vital contributions to the jurisprudence of Law of Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights, with emphasis on Trademark and Patent Rights.  He is known to be very successful for the protection of trademark and patent rights of many firms and/or persons from all the developed countries of the world, against certain infringing activities occurring in Turkey and is well-known in Europe for these endeavours on related fields as well.