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Our Law Office, being established in 1973 by attorneys at law of Ankara Bar Association, has been practicing for 44 years uninterruptedly in Ankara. As a consequence of our long term history and the precious contributions of Abdülgani SEYİTHANOĞLU (1915-2000), father of our founder Teoman SEYİTHANOĞLU, who has retired from Turkish Supreme Court of Appeals after 33 years of legal career as a judge, we have been duly following all the developments of Turkish legal practices since 1950’s, when the modernization efforts in Turkey was in effect and increasing, and have been practicing with a very board legal perspective since then.  Approximately 40 attorneys at law have contributed with their legal efforts to our Law Office at various times since our establishment, many of whom have sustained very successful professional lives and are still practicing under Ankara Bar Association.  Our legal services have condensed, with a proportion of 90 percent, on granting and protection of Intellectual Property Rights of our clients, for the last 25 years. Our legal success on this subject has even served the establishment of some of the vast industrial foundations of Turkey with a better and competitive technology for their times, owing to protection of some of the USSR Government Patents in Turkey before their expiration period of validity, by obtaining decisions from Turkish Council of State, in terms of a non-operating decree of the then-in force Patent Law. In addition, a valuable patent of a Turkish company has been protected in a most efficient way for 15 years after its registration by our legal services and has literary been recorded thereof.  Furthermore, owing to our legal services, some decisions of Turkish Courts related to Trademark Law, also approved and finalized by the Turkish Court of Appeals, namely “BMW” and “Schwan Stabilo” decisions, have been obtained and even found significant by the Courts of European Countries and United States of America and therefore been submitted in those countries as respectable leading cases/judicial precedent to those courts in similar disputes.  After the adjustment of the Turkish Industrial Property Legislation mainly with the European Community Legislation in 1995 and the abandonment of the Ex-regulation totally, remarkable achievements by virtue of the then-recently developing Turkish Industrial Property Legislation have also been obtained. There are also some unique and valuable contributions of our Law Office to Turkish jurisdiction and to the practices of Turkish advocacy, such as; publication of the finalized Court Decisions in media on some of the leading newspapers with a specific format and standard, a strong language and specific format in the case-opening petitions, and contributions to the improvement of patent granting proceedings by developing a consistency with the international regulations by obtaining court decisions thereof.  All of our valuable and well-known clients, whose Logos-Trademarks are listed on our web-site under “Clients” column have been fully satisfied by our legal representation before Turkish courts as their attorneys at law by the desired results in every means.  Teoman SEYİTHANOĞLU, the founder and main owner of our Law Office, has been practicing as attorney at law under Ankara Bar Association uninterruptedly for the last 40 years, besides his services either at Turkish Patent Institute or at international bureaus under titles of Patent and Trademark Attorney, European Patent Attorney, in accordance with the new regulations in Turkish Law and the new Industrial Property Legislation.  Neslihan SEYİTHANOĞLU, the partner of our Law Office, has been practicing as attorney at law under Ankara Bar Association for the last 13 years, mainly specialized on Intellectual Property Law and Contractual Law. In addition, she has become an authorized Mediator in 2014, in accordance with the Turkish Legislation No. 6325, which has come in full force on 07.06.2013 and has legally rendered the Mediation activities in Civil law disputes in Turkey, besides her titles of Patent and Trademark Attorney, European Patent Attorney since 2001.  In general, there are 5 attorneys at law, 3-4 Trademark and/or Patent Attorneys and adequate legal interns and administrative staff in our Law Office.




Born in 1943. Second son of Judge Abdülgani Seyithanoğlu, among his 4 sons. Started primary school in 1950 at İzmir Karşıyaka and graduated primary school in 1955 at Kahramanmaraş.


Born in 1976 at Ankara. Graduated from Ankara Gazi Anatolian High School in 1994 and from Ankara University Faculty of Lawin 1998.
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who has retired from Turkish Supreme Court of Appeals after 33 years of legal career as a judge…


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